Ubud is Bali's favorite destination. When I first came to Bali in 2005, I would agree, too: it was truly Bali's most authentic, most profound and therapeutic place. After tons of Instagram posts and the worldwide explosion of the book & movie Eat, Pray, Love set in Ubud, 13 years later, a cramped, exhausted, urbanized, commercialized and westernized Ubud awaited me when I came back. Its streets now had more smoothie bars, venues followed by tens of thousands, and yoga shops popping up from Sydney than local businesses. Most of them were already foreigners. Yet despite this heavy cultural and commercial invasion of the West, Ubud remains Bali's cultural center and is home to many things worth seeing. Below, we have briefly mentioned the experiences and attractions unique to Ubud. Ubud is the World Famous Place in Bali Bali owes its world fame to the art scene in Ubud. Since Bali is an isolated island, far from all kinds of influences, they have developed a unique aesthe